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Featured on ePodcast Network – December 2013


customer photoIn this interview, with ePodcast Network, I discuss with Eric Dye why so many businesses struggle to get more customers, what they can do today to start fixing this, and how to overcome the fear of doing what they know they must do.

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How to Get More Customers

Did you go into business for yourself with dreams of setting the world on fire, making your mark and earning more money than you ever did before? Or perhaps you are thinking about it? The sad fact is many of you are, or will be, offering the same product and service that hundreds if not thousands of others do. If you have started already you have probably realized you’re fighting in a crowded market to get noticed, constantly discounting prices to win clients and may already be thinking people don’t value, or take into account the time it takes to do, what you do for them. But is this really true? Is business really that hard?

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